GPS Tracking for Luggage


PocketFinder Luggage™ puts an end to worrying about lost luggage during travel or the transport of valuables. Slip a PocketFinder ® Luggage Tracker™ in your suitcase, laptop carrier, or briefcase before you let it out of your sight and you’ll never again wonder where it is. Luggage Tracker™ a small, inconspicuous GPS device that goes everywhere and can be used by anybody. It allows you to look up your device’s location (in 126 different countries) whenever you want via an electronic transmission of data packets over the Internet, a voice call to your cellular or home telephone in the USA or internationally. Just slip a Luggage Tracker™ into your bag and you will be able to look up its location and never lose another bag again. You can even set up Safe Zones and Danger Zones and get alerted if your valuables enter or leave their intended location.

Luggage Tracker™ is a small device, about the size of an Oreo™ cookie, which receives radio signals from the Global Positioning Satellites orbiting the earth. Once the device is activated, the Luggage Tracker™ service network will begin receiving your devices location information by sending a private data code over the international GSM wireless cellular phone system to the PocketFinder Network® secured application server network. You will then be able to look up the information by viewing a detailed map of the last known location of your luggage at any time by going to the Internet at or by calling our automated phone system. You then enter your secured I.D. and password to see or hear the location of your device. One of the great features of the Luggage Tracker™ (Linking People Through Technology™) service is the ability to setup map zones so that our PocketFinder Network® will alert you if your device enters or exits a customized Danger or Safety zone that you have created. You may also have the system trigger an “Alert” based upon the speed that your device is traveling. Our services are simple to use, yet utilize the most advanced Global Positioning Satellite and International Cellular location technology in the world today. Luggage Tracker™ is one of the PocketFinder® family of products, dedicated to Linking People Through Technology™.Your World. Located.™ by the means of our provided telecommunication services in the forms of local and long distance transmission of voice, data, graphics by means of telephone, cable, telegraphic, and satellite transmissions. We also are an application service provider in the field of knowledge management to host computer application software for searching and retrieving information. This information is retrieved from databases and computer networks.

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7 thoughts on “GPS Tracking for Luggage

    1. One of the reasons PocketFinder has had sooo much trouble pushing this through the Federal Government. I have not kept up the with process, however it seems this device may have been replaced with “People Finder”. I will post an update when I get the chance Jon!

  1. Hi i would like to know where is this company based, &i need more info about the product in terms of advantages & disadvantages of using the product!!

  2. Where can you buy them online and how much are they I’m having trouble getting the info

  3. *What I am looking for is a neat little device to track my suitcase when it is stolen off a train, so that the police can actually DO something about it
    rather than just making a list of all my clothes with colour and sizes !!
    something must exist and it does not need to be as sophisticated as one that would be used in airports with all the different “safe” places, holds and underground storage and sorting units !! I would love to have a

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